From skilled trades and labourers to engineers and management positions, the construction site has many positions. Keeping this diverse team working together falls to the Project Coordinator. At DRD Construction, our Project Coordinator is an integral part of a successful build. With a vast range of job responsibilities, Project Coordinators need to wear many hats including:

Management and Leadership
Unlike the Manager who is responsible for the overall project, the Coordinator builds networks of cooperation for each division of the overall build. As their title suggests, they coordinate the team and work with all departments to ensure the clients’ needs and all deadlines are met.

Quality Control and Cost Management
Quality control is key for every job and it’s up to the Project Coordinator to carefully monitor that quality standards are met and costs stay down. They provide cost effective material pricing and ensure project completion in accordance with timelines, budgets and specifications. Project Coordinators also assist with the onsite management of trade staff and production, as well as organize material deliveries for scheduled installation.

Part of the Project Coordinator’s duties are administrative, maintaining necessary documentation throughout the project, keeping reports up to date and continuous communication with the team . The Project Coordinator ensures that the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

The Project Coordinator is an important asset on any construction site. They see the project through from start to finish, ensuring the build runs smoothly and the clients’ expectations are exceeded. Get started on your project today with DRD Construction and let us build for your success!