Concrete scanning is used to inspect concrete slabs or columns before coring or drilling in renovations and new construction projects. Our concrete scanner is a ground penetrating radar that detects objects within concrete structures.


Core drilling. Core cutting in concrete is a method used for creating openings for pipes, wires, ventilating or air conditioning vents to fit through. This particular method is also used to get to broken pipes or wiring beneath a concrete floor.


Epoxy flooring is a unique floor material. Once a concrete floor has been smoothed and prepped, a resin and a hardening chemical are mixed together. This liquid to solid process gives epoxy flooring the ability to be strong, stain resistant, and more.


Masonry Work involves all of the following skills: Laying bricks, blocks and paving stones. Chimney building and repairs. Tuck-pointing deteriorated mortar joints and replacing spalled, or porous bricks (restoration)… Erecting stone or brick walls, retaining walls, columns, decorative or functional structures.